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Tanc Barratt

Lancia Delta integrale Online Parts Shop:

We are specialists in providing quality assured Lancia Delta integrale components at some of the best prices on the internet.

Lancia Delta integrale 8v

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Lancia Delta integrale 16v

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Lancia Delta Evo

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Our Best Selling Delta integrale Parts: Now Available Online

We have hundreds of Lancia Delta integrale parts available in our online shop. As our stock is constantly changing, some components are only available to special order - please call us if you can't find what you need on 01299 266355

Oil Pump
Part No. 7717399
8 bar oil pump for all 8v, 16v integrale and Evo models. Manufactured by original factory supplier.
Price: £249.00
Cylinder Head 16v
Part No. 5890845
New factory cylinder head for 16v, Evo 1 & Evo 2
Price: £595.00
Cam Belt Tensioner 16v
Part No. 5997325
Flat type original parcel shelf for 8v or 16v integrale
Price: £30.00
Cam Timing Belt 16v
Part No. 7774591
Inlet valve for Lancia Delta integrale 8v.
Price: £17.50
Cam Belt Idler Bearing
Part No. 5999795
Gearbox pinion shaft cover and seal assembly for Lancia Delta integrale 8v, 16v, Evo 1 & Evolution 2.
Price: £28.00
Themostat For All 16v Integrale And Evo
Part No. 7649837
Oil pump to cylinder block gasket for all Lancia Delta integrale 8v, 16v, Evolution 1
Price: £55.00
Throttle Position Sensor (TPS )
Part No. 7760729
PF09 Throttle position switch @ £250, now in stock
Price: £249.00
Part No. 5890247
HT spark plug lead set for Evo 2.
Price: £795.00
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