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October 19th 2022


Lancia Fulvia Parts at Tanc Barratt

Browse our Lancia Fulvia Parts.

We stock hundreds of original equipment, OEM and high-quality remanufactured parts for the Lancia Fulvia Coupe, Series 1, 2 and 3, with 1.3, 1300, 1.6 and 1600 engines. Including Fulvia Sport Zagato. With many factory suppliers across Italy.

Our stock of Lancia Fulvia parts includes Lancia Fulvia service parts such as Lancia Fulvia air filters, oil filters and fuel filters for Series 1, 2 and 3, 1600 and 1300 engines. We have many Lancia Fulvia engine components on the shelf, for the 1.6 S1, 1.3 S2 and 1.6 S2 and 3. This includes crankshaft bearings, carburettor rebuild kits and many more items from trusted original factory suppliers and world-renowned aftermarket brands. We stock many Lancia Fulvia fuel, air and exhaust parts including genuine Fulvia Imasaf original factory exhaust pipes, manifolds and more. We are always expanding our range, even for the Lancia Fulvia, a car which was in production in Italy between 1963 and 1976. Made famous as an iconic front-wheel drive world rally car and is still popular today amongst classic car enthusiasts all over the world. That is why we offer so many Lancia Fulvia parts and we sell them online with international, fast express shipping, using only the best shipping companies. We have decades of experience with Lancia Fulvias and we see them in our workshop on a very regular basis.

We have many Lancia Fulvia lubrication and cooling parts, including radiator caps, original rubber radiator cooling hoses and water pumps. We are well-placed to provide Lancia Fulvia transmission and drivetrain parts, including cv gaiters, oil seals and clutches. Brakes are a vital component of any car, and we offer a full package of brake pads, both standard and performance, brake calipers and rebuild seal kits for them and Fulvia master cylinders. the Series 2 has different brakes to the Series 1, and we stock the components for both types. Through our vast supplier knowledge, we have managed to obtain reliable sources of all Lancia Fulvia steering and suspension components, whether it be rubber bushes for the leaf springs, engine mounts, steering rod ends or ball joints. All of the finest quality and in stock for worldwide fast dispatch.

Magneti Marelli, NGK and Bosch engine electrical components are in stock and available for your Lancia Fulvia, only the best quality ignition parts are stocked for Fulvia S1 2 and 3. The Lancia Fulvia's rally motorsport heritage is at least partly to blame for the vast array of tuning parts available. We stock Facet Red Top electronic fuel pumps, Magnecor KV85 8mm HT leads and more upgraded components for your car. Amazingly, the original factory supplier is still producing the Lancia Fulvia chrome and aluminium badges for all models, and due to our close ties over decades of business, we are able to continue to supply them straight from Italy. This is only the beginning of the list of Lancia Fulvia external components we have in stock.

We benefit from having a large workshop where we regularly have Lancia Fulvias in for all levels of work and repairs. this enables us to constantly innovate and improve the parts we provide. An example of this is our replacement for the accelerator pedal bushes. We use small ball bearings as a direct replacement for the rubber bushings that wear out quickly. The bearings work great at providing great feeling pedal travel while lasting considerably longer than the rubber parts that were there from the factory. We stock many other Lancia Fulvia internal components, including the heater control tap valve.

We are constantly expanding our website stock of Lancia Fulvia parts. If there is anything that you can't find on our website, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. There's a good chance that the part you are after will be added to the website very soon!

Browse our Lancia Fulvia Parts

October 19th 2022

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