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Ragazzon Exhaust System Evo 2 Standard Diameter

Ragazzon Exhaust System Evo 2 Standard Diameter


Full stainless steel exhaust system, with the same diameter as the original stock exhaust with a big silencer on the back box. For Evo 2.

You will receive the following:

55.0441.00 - Standard Diameter Stainless Steel Front Pipe (Down Pipe)

55.0470.00 - Standard Diameter Stainless Steel Decat Section (Cat Replacement Pipe)

50.0969.80 - Standard Diameter Stainless Steel Centre Section (Mid Pipe)

58.0013.06 - Standard Diameter Stainless Steel Back Box (silencer/muffler - richer tone, the same volume as stock, louder higher in rev range)

You might also like an original style Ragazzon exhaust tip.

If you would like more noise across the rev range and on idle we have a system with a smaller silencer.

You might also like the original style tip.

Fits the following Lancia Delta variations (1993-1994):

  • Lancia Delta Evo 2

We have full standard diameter systems available for Evo  and 8v/16v integrale.

If you would like a larger diameter exhaust, we have full 70mm diameter systems available for Evo, Evo 2 and 8v/16v integrale.

Find out more about Lancia Delta integrale upgrades here.

All prices exclude VAT


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Ragazzon 70mm Exhaust TipMore Details...

Ragazzon 70mm Exhaust Tip

Part No: 1170

Ragazzon 70mm pipe diameter exhaust tip. Same flat top and bottom oval design as the original factory exhaust. Available as weld on only. Can be fitted to any 70mm diameter single exit Ragazzon back box for Evo.




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Each part is tested and developed in our workshop, where we ensure that they fit and perform well.



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